Who We Serve


For C-Suite and Senior level leaders, as well as Risk Managers, Wellness Directors and HR Directors, healthcare claims risk has long been an uncontrollable, yet necessary evil of offering healthcare benefits to employees–until now. We work directly with the people on the ground in your company to centralize all data, vendors and planning for your healthcare delivery and outcomes initiatives, while adding a dynamic of healthcare expertise that we guarantee will improve the success of your strategy.


Brokers are the driving force of relationships in employer-sponsored healthcare plans. As experts in healthcare funding and regulatory compliance, it is often difficult for brokers to also specialize in the delivery of healthcare and true population health analysis. It is vital for brokers to have trusted partners in this effort of managing claims risk and working towards improving health outcomes for their clients. We work with brokers to complete their service offering and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace by bringing decades of healthcare experience to their clients.

Population Health companies

As a population health company your goals have always been focused on improving the health of your client’s employees, while also improving their bottom line. As consultants in the population health marketplace, we want to help you do just that.

We provide population health companies with unique new services that compliment their main service offerings with innovative and synergistic healthcare strategies. This helps you to achieve even more positive outcomes for your clients, while broadening your offerings, building your value and increasing retention.

Third Party Administrators

In your self-funded risk pools, managing and reducing claims costs while improving the outcomes of care delivery in your population is key to your profitability as well as your reinsurance and stop-loss rates. Our unique perspective and approach to your centralized risk, with clients in all areas of the country, delivers incredible results while keeping your client companies happy.

Healthcare Delivery Organizations

With more changes and challenges in healthcare delivery than ever, it is important to work with a consulting firm that can move quickly and fill gaps in areas you need it most. At NIH, we serve our healthcare clients by helping with projects and tasks that may help you avoid pulling existing staff off their main tasks or having to hire new staff.

Unions and Associations

As you constantly try to add values to those you serve, healthcare services and benefits are becoming increasingly important to your members. We can use our healthcare expertise to help you design and deploy many different types of strategies depending on your structure and needs. Our goal is to help you build value in your offering and provide your members with healthcare services and outcomes they never imagined possible.