About Us

National Integrative Health is a healthcare design, data, analytics and consulting firm committed to helping employers gain positive influence over their healthcare spending while increasing the quality of care and access to personalized treatments and services.


What makes us unique?

Innovative and highly effective clinical strategies

We are healthcare specialists focused on bringing innovative and highly effective clinical strategies directly to employers and their employees. The big difference is we can integrate into a currently running initiative to increase impact and scope or help to engineer a program from the ground up.

One stop healthcare delivery

You can think of us like a general contractor of healthcare delivery at the employer level. We help self-funded companies, health systems, TPA’s and insurance carriers design, implement, deploy and measure multi-faceted claims management, population health and cost containment initiatives from a central point.

Provider Case Management

Most disease management strategies attempt to improve outcomes by working directly with your employee or their dependents. The problem with this approach is that most patients identified for Disease Management already have multiple physicians and nurses working on their case. This normally leads to confused patients and a lack of results.

At NIH, we focus on supporting the physicians and care providers that are actually in charge of delivering the care. This allows our unique case management to avoid engagement challenges and go directly to the source–the provider community, which drastically improves outcomes and overall impact of a strategy.

We are Switzerland

One of the most unique abilities we have is to integrate with any carrier, population health platform, PBM or administration system–or all of them at once. We are not interested in competing with your wellness vendor(s), we want to help increase the positive influence that your current program has by centralizing the data, adding our healthcare delivery expertise and our focus on functional medicine to your strategy.

We are neutral to who our clients want to utilize as vendors in any area; insurance carrier, broker, wellness vendor–we simply help to organize, manage, advise and measure the overall healthcare delivery program. At the end of the day, our goal for you is true healthcare value–maximizing what you are receiving in healthcare services, for what you are spending.