Net-Zero Funding

At National Integrative Health, we believe that you are already spending too much on healthcare. Most employers have become accustomed to sending 100% of their healthcare budget to the carriers with no assurance that the money will be spent well or that the services delivered are providing the best outcomes. This is unacceptable.

Net Zero

How it works


Our Net-Zero Funding guarantee is that our clients will not spend a penny more than they are already spending on healthcare today. This includes the costs to retain our firm, and design and implement a high-impact healthcare strategy that will increase access to healthcare services that will drive employee satisfaction and better health outcomes.

How is this possible?

The immediate ROI generated from our service providers, as well as reallocation of healthcare spending to more effective healthcare services combined with our hybrid premium differential and funding options creates new revenue streams to pay for the entire strategy with money to spare in most cases.