Integrative and Personalized Clinical Services

Through years of research and implementation in the healthcare marketplace we have amassed an impressive group of highly effective Clinical Intervention Partners (CIP’s) that specialize in every corner of healthcare and population health.

Some areas of our medical specialty include:

  •  Pharmacy
  •  High Risk Drug Management
  •  Regenerative Therapies
  •  Mental Health interventions
  •  Diabetes Management
  •  Dialysis and End Stage Renal Disease
  •  Primary and Urgent Care
  •  Physical Medicine
  •  Pre and Post Natal
  •  Cardiovascular
  •  Surgery
    •  Orthopaedic
    •  Cardiovascular
    •  Oncological
    •  Weight Loss
    •  Women’s Health
    •  Men’s Health
  •  Digestive Health
  •  Allergies
  •  Asthma

Our partner’s specialties include:

Specialty Corporate Services

  •  Executive and Key Employee Healthcare Concierge
  •  Critical and High-Risk Specialty Care
  •  Integrative Coaching for Executives and Employees

Population Disease Prevention and Reversal

  •  Population Health Analysis
  •  Population Health Empowerment Platforms
  •  Holistic Behavior Change Systems
  •  Quitlogix Nicotine Cessation Program
  •  Physical Activity Promotion Programs

Medical Loss and Waste Prevention

  •  High-risk Drug Therapeutic Monitoring, Case Management
  •  Healthcare Transparency and Patient Advocacy
  •  Health Insurance Audits
  •  Specialty Claims Management
  •  Contract Performance Audits

Healthcare Provider Services On-site, Dedicated and Virtual

  •  Population Biometrics and Arterial Ultrasound
  •  Employer-based Health Care – On-site or Virtual Medicine
  •  Work Comp Claim Prevention, Primary Care and Pain Rehabilitation

Over the years we have conducted national RFP’s for our clients to help them find many different types of service providers including population health platforms, biometric screening companies, telehealth providers, advocacy and transparency providers and more.

We have pre-screened all of our partners to ensure they are the best available service providers in their area of healthcare and develop strong working relationships with them to give our clients quick access to the vital services these innovative companies provide.