Cynthia Reed, RN, PhD

Executive Director Iowa Lions Eye Bank

Cindy Reed, RN, PhD has worked in various healthcare leadership positions for over 30 years. She became interested in alternative subjects in her teen years, when she read her first book on Eckankar and used the principles to maintain the energy to excel in school, work part time and have an active social life. After receiving her Masters degree in education, She continued to explore alternatives, becoming a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master Healing Touch and Trinfinity Practitioner.

Her curiosity led her to pursue formal education in alternative medicine, and she later received a PhD in Integrated Holistic Studies and a ThD (Doctor of Theology) in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. She was fortunate to work with Stanford physicist Bill Tiller (What the Bleep) to test his quantum physics model on how intention becomes reality.

Today, she provides leadership as part of Dr. Tiller’s team to the Autism Healing Project and to the Iowa Lions Eye Bank, which recovers donated corneal tissue and prepares it for transplant. Cindy and her husband Steve have 5 children between them ages 23-36, and live in Solon Iowa with their dog Max and their cat, Bastet. They are working with local organizations to convert their two acres of turf grass into an edible forest where everything on the property will be good for the animals, plants, and the humans who live there.