Tim Maynard, MS, CSCS

Owner MVPMindset.com

Tim Maynard brings over a decade’s worth of experience working with all levels of athletes and performers to help them achieve peak performance. He is a former United States Marine and college football player. After these two critical areas in his life, he knew that he wanted to continue with his professional growth by helping others achieve their optimal athletic performance.

This drew him to become a part of the University of Iowa Football strength and condition team. During his two years there as a strength coach, he was part of two teams that went to postseason bowls, including the best start in school history and the schools only BCS bowl victory.

Since Tim’s time with the University of Iowa Football team he has worked in a clinical setting capacity as a personal trainer. During this time he served as a lifestyle coach as well as helping clients with severe limitations, integrate a physical training program into their life. Since that time he has owned a performance enhancement center and created a mental conditioning program to focus on the psychological aspect of performance. Although he has helped his athletes use performance techniques throughout his career, Tim is now solely focusing on the mental conditioning aspect as he has found that is the key element in the elite performers.